Hermawan was graduated from the University of Surabaya majoring in Management & Industrial Engineering. He started his career by holding key positions at multinational oil and gas companies in Indonesia and Singapore. 

Although his past career was not from interior industry, Hermawan is gifted with natural talent and enormous passion to create a home that represents the owner’s character with an excellent interior design. 

His strong business skill and management knowledge that he got from spending 15 years in multinational companies make him a true visionary, who brings good design, service, and project management in DHI. 

Before joining his business partner Hermawan Kho in DHI, Joy had over 10 years of experience in various industries, including IT Company, and Oil & Gas Company. With his never-ending spirit, Joy found his real passion in the interior design industry, and passionately developed a great taste in interior design which is his truly passion & talent. 

His wide-ranging experience and knowledge from his previous career are beneficial for DHI 
to deliver professional and high-quality service to its clients.